BudgetsmeWeiser's Staff Application

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BudgetsmeWeiser's Staff Application

Post by Budgetsmeweiser on Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:14 am

Real Name: Dawson Busby

Age: 16

Country: United States of America

Postion you are applying: Assistant

How Often and how long do you usually play on the server? I use to play constantly, but now its slimmed down to around from 5-10 hours a week probably. I got a new job and it has cut off some gameplay time. I try to be on whenever possible because of mine and matthew's town.

In Game Username (IGN): Budgetsmeweiser

Alternate Accounts (if any): Dont have any.

Have you been banned before? I have not been banned before.
If so, for what?

How long have you been playing on the server? A little over two weeks. Join Date, March 25.

How long have you been playing minecraft? Since the update 1.4.7. (January 9, 2013)

What do you like most about minecraft? I love building and having fun.

What do you like most about the server? I love the server because its unique with the extra enchant plugin, and i love building towns with the towny plugin.

Any past experience? I have been a Helper before on another towny server named, JackedTowny, (Its a closed server now, and very old). I had ./kick ./mute and ./jail. So i have had experience with all basic commands. I welcomed people when they first join. Tell them basic server commands to get started like the starter kit and ./wild or etc. And when people need help, i answer there questions as best to my ability.

What do you feel you can bring to Alpha Realms? I think i can be a helpful asset, by assisting in anything i can. I will help new players get started, i will answer any questions that aquire need of help as well.

Anything else we should know about you? Nothing really, ive recently turned 16. I just started my first job as well.(Hopefully i can donate soon! Very Happy)


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Re: BudgetsmeWeiser's Staff Application

Post by Yodac on Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:39 pm

Thank You for your application.

We will keep your application under consideration but I would very much like to see you more active on the server to be considered in the future.


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