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the server

Post by matthewMacd1964 on Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:40 am

ok guys, I don't know if the server will ever come up again, I'm trying to just wait and see and hope that it will come back up, but its almost been a month, and I'm starting to lose hope.

what I'm asking for is maybe you guys reply to tell me your waiting too, or even better, if littleman or Yodac would give me a solid answer.
ive been going on what Sen_po said, a problem with the server host, but if I had a little more to go on with, and maybe just a little post saying the server WILL be coming up again.

thanks guys, just a reply to say you want alpha realms to, because of all the hours I put into my town and the server, and I have a notebook of so many more plans I could have done. matt


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Re: the server

Post by xx_panda_bear_xx on Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:42 pm

I'm waiting too, Matt. Hopefully this issue will eventually be resolved. With that, I am excited for when the server finally does come back up. Hopefully this will be soon. I look forward to playing with all of you soon.

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