mcmmo pick bug

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mcmmo pick bug

Post by matthewMacd1964 on Tue May 03, 2016 7:09 am

Please follow this format when presenting bug reports. If you don't we may not look into your report. Thanks.

In Game Username (IGN):MatthewMacD1964

Bug you are reporting/description: when using super breaker on efficiency 4 or 5 picks, it will always make ghost blocks, this means when I walk into then I will get stuck, sometimes I will take damage, but that's not the problem, when you place a block in the space of a ghost block, it will replace the block that you placed with the block that was there before your super breaker.

Logs/Screen shots/Other relevant info:it is not possible for me to take a screen shot, but I am more then happy to show it too you in-game.


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