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crates & keys

Post by matthewMacd1964 on Sun May 01, 2016 3:37 pm

when on the server, I would like to have more crates, at the time of this blog/suggestion, there is only the vote crate, and I want that to change. but against what most people would think, I would not like these crate keys to be bought on the store, of course, you would be able to buy some on the shop to help support the server, but I would like the keys to be able to be collected in the game. I am going to do an example, say, there's common, uncommon, rare, legendary. I would say for something like, the wither, it would drop 1 rare crate key, this is a example, of course but for uncommon and common, I think they should be a chance drop from mobs depending on how hard the mob is, so lets say, killing a zombie or skelly would be a 1/1000 chance to get a common, only because you can get spawners easily, and a uncommon would be 1/3000. but for a mob like a magma cube, it would be 1/100 for common and 1/200 for uncommom. of course, the smaller cubes would not count,

thank you for reading, MatthewMacD1964


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