enchantments & costume features.

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enchantments & costume features.

Post by matthewMacd1964 on Sun May 01, 2016 2:39 pm

for this server, alpha realms, I thought I would cover one thing I think a lot of people who play have on there minds, or, at least some times, enchantments. I have thought of a couple things I would like to mention about enchantments and my thoughts about them. first of all, I think that, as your rank goes up, the in-game ranks, you should be able to put more costume enchantments on your weapons tools and armor, I am a more edvanced player, and for me I would like to make god swords and armor, and, as it is now, 6 enchants wont cut it. this I wanted to mention because it had crossed my mind more then once. next thing I wanted to mention was different elavaters, most people know that you can use diamond blocks as elevators by placing them up and down, but they have a range of 16 blocks, and some people don't have enough diamonds to spare, so, I propose that, coal blocks do a max of 4 blocks, iron max of 8, redstone 10, gold 12, diamond, of course, 16, and I think that emerald should be 22. these are ideas that just camr to me, but I thought I should add them anyway. the last thing I want to say is, I want to have more enchants for the pick, there are a few, but there arnt enough to fit some situations, so I am asking that there are some 3 new pick enchants added, this would be a great help, thank you for reading.

from MatthewMacD1964.


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