Minecraft 1.9?

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Minecraft 1.9?

Post by Yodac on Sun May 01, 2016 11:49 am

Since 1.9 and all versions after will obviously be the versions of the future and make our 1.8 server obsolete, we want to know if you, the community, would like to update to version 1.9 of minecraft? We will give a minimum 2 week notice before we update. The notice will be posted here on the forums.

There are a few ways we could approach this update if done.

1. Would you like us to either keep or negate (using a plugin) the 1.9 combat cool downs?

2. Would you like us to limit the size of the end?

3. Would you like us to limit the spawning of the ender dragon?

4. Any other changes/modifications/enhancements that you would like us to *attempt* to modify in your 1.9 gaming experience should we update?


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