Some Things In The Works...

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Some Things In The Works...

Post by Yodac on Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:47 pm

So here are some things the development staff are working on for the near future. Please give us your feedback either by replying here or in the suggestions forum. We truly want your opinions.

1. Teamspeak
We are working towards a teamspeak server for the minecraft server. One of the main goals we are looking to reach before implementing this is funds. Unfortunately, this will significantly increase the cost of operating this server, so we are looking for the server to be more sustainable before implementing this. We understand this sounds like we are punishing players for not donating/purchasing but we do not mean to. We simply wish to be transparent with you.

2. Events
We are working toward implementing a series of events. Some of these events are special/seasonal (ie. Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc.) and the details of which will not be released until closer to the event start. Other events we are working toward include:

The End Event: This event will occur either once/week or as the server grows, once/day. An entirely new end will be created and remain accessible for 24 hours. The end dragon will appear and be available to kill at arbitrary points within this event.

Ultimate Survival Event: This event will occur once a month and last either 1 or 2 weeks. During this event, players start from scratch in brand new survival world. General survival activities such as building, mining, crafting, etc. Will reward the player with points. At the end of the event, the player with the most points wins.

In all events there will be copious amounts of (very generous) prizes awarded to the winners, and even prizes just for participating in the events. These are still in the works, but we are also open to other event ideas. Please feel free to reply to this thread or post in suggestions section of forum with your ideas to add to these.


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