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Post by Admin on Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:18 pm

I'll try and keep you posted with the major changes i make to the server form here on out and post them here.


  • Added BetterTowny plugin, which adds features to towny. Of them, towns recieve bonus plots as their residents rank in game.

  • Modified Vote Crates rewards.
  • Added Chat colors to buycraft store, and added more chat color support to plugin. there are now 14 available chat colors.
  • Added Trails to buycraft store.
  • Fixed Error with backpacks. (If you didn't know this error existed, good)
  • Removed cblock;


  • Removed Exploit with infinite Stone Pickaxes and Wooden Axes

  • Added Daily Chests.
  • Added MCMMO Credits. You now earn credits from voting, and other misc. activities. Redeem them for mcmmo levels.
  • Removed old elevator plugin. Added a new, custom one. This fixes the issue with /back, and it does allow you to teleport to elevators when non-solid blocks are present above them (ie. carpet, torch, sign, etc.).
  • In addition to elevators and /back, /t spawn now works with /back. Yup. you can now go to and from town a lot easier.
  • Removed cblock;


  • Fixed Major Error and Exploit with yshop.

  • Fixed Rejuvination enchantment not working.
  • Fixed error with Excavation enchantment taking durability from blocks not broken
  • Added an itemfilter for donor ranks. use /itemfilter
  • Added ychatcolor which allows donors to change their chatcolor. Use /chatcolor
  • Changed Cost of new town to $25,000
  • Removed Attitude


  • Fixed Console Error with yshop. Added logging feature so transactions are now logged.

  • Added DupeDetector which will be periodically updated with known duplication glitches and exploits.
  • Added yparticles. This is a mod which allows trails/particle effects to be purchased for in game appearance.
  • Updated jobs and their prices to prevent exploitation.
  • Modified Enchantments rate (not noticeable, was tested).
  • Updated yheads to fix errors.
  • Updated yssentials.
  • Added AntiConsole to prevent console spam. This increases server performance by about 5%
  • Removed Attitude


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